Episode 51: Jennifer’s Body

Hey all! This episode was recorded well over a month ago, in the before time. It took me a while to be able to concentrate long enough to edit it. I’m sure you understand.

My good friend Audrey finally joined me in the “studio” to talk about one of our favorite movies, Jennifer’s Body!

Episode Fourteen: Disobedience

This episode is so late! Last week we went to see Disobedience in theaters and it was amazing. We basically just gush about the movie the whole time and then somehow end up yelling about Star Wars again. Also, while editing I realized that we were mispronouncing Dovid’s name the entire time. Despite it being, arguably, a very easy name to pronounce.

Episode Four: The Handmaiden

Heyyyy! Hello! We are on episode four! That is super cool. We are discussing the movie The Handmaiden, based on the book The Fingersmith. We also go on a rant about queer movies and Star Wars. We are officially on itunes now, which is super great. Our facebook is notgayenough, our insta is notgayenoughpod (I haven’t updated that at all) we also have an email, notgayenoughpod@gmail.com. Blahhhh blah blah, whatever.

Episode Two! Big Eden!

Welcome to beautiful Episode Two! In this episode we will be covering the very good movie, Big Eden!
Big Eden tells the story of Henry Hart, who returns home to his small town in Montana to tend to his ailing grandfather. Other stuff happens.

Can you guess what I am sick with in this episode?

Episode One: Into The Lion’s Den

Episode One! In this episode we cover the truly terrible film “Into The Lion’s Den”. I will go ahead and give a TW (Trigger Warning) right here. This movie contains a couple of very poorly handled rape scenes. We make light of them, due to the poor quality of the film. It really should have been about werewolves or demons or something. Anyway, enjoy listening to us trying to figure out how to make a podcast!